Trauma Informed Integrative Palpation

When: Saturday, February 17, 2024 from 9:00am-5:00pm
Registration: $139/chiropractor,  $119 for VCA members or chiropractic student
Registration Deadline: Feb 10th, 2024
 *The Vermont Chiropractic Association is not affiliated with this course.

Chiropractors – You may have access to information that the patient hasn’t related to you, or to themselves, or they don’t want to share it…

This informative hands-on workshop will empower chiropractors in their palpatory skills and understanding of trauma in order to create a safer healing space for their clients.


It is said that the body keeps the score of a person’s life’s stresses.

But, How? Where?

Trauma Informed Integrative Palpation training will help chiropractors learn more about how trauma is stored in the body, what it feels like, as well as the patterns of physical, chemical and emotional stress internalization in the spine.

In this workshop participants will learn:

  • The biological pathways for the internalization of stress and trauma in the tissues of the spine.
  • The specific clinical considerations of patients with a history of trauma with regard to analyzing and treating spinal tension patterns.
  • “The Map:” how different life stresses and traumas tend to be expressed as protective, stabilizing patterns in specific, unique regions and with specific palpatory tone.
  • Introduction to Trauma Informed Integrative Palpation – static palpation technique that allows a deeper insight into the patient’s past stresses and traumas.
  • Some simple trauma-informed exercises the patient can do at home that have been shown to support recovery.
The time I have spent seeing Julieta has taught me that my body not only holds onto physical and emotional stress but also chemical stress. I was surprised at how my body was holding the chemical stress and where it was holding it. Mine showed itself as puffiness in my neck. I am now more aware of when this is happening and have learned that it can be from something I have consumed or something that I may have inhaled. I remember one visit where I had been in the country for a while and had been smelling cow manure daily as we were surrounded by farms. When I returned home I had an adjustment appointment and Julieta felt a chemical stress in my body and asked if I had been around cow manure as that is what she sensed from my body!! I was amazed. And the adjustment helped my body clear this chemical stressor.
- L.G.

Drs. Matt and Julieta Rushford co-own and operate Rushford Family Chiropractic in South Burlington, Vermont, providing holistic healing for individuals and families for almost three decades.

Dr. Julieta was born and raised in Puerto Rico. She is a certified trauma-informed care practitioner and a certified aromatherapist. Dr. Julieta specializes in Network Spinal Analysis and has guided clients to address the mind through the spine throughout her career. She is a trauma survivor.

Together, they have one son, currently in college.


Dr. Matt is the director of the Holistic Health degree program at Vermont State University in the Department of Environmental and Health Sciences, where he teaches anatomy and physiology and basic and advanced classes in Holistic Health theory, science, and practice. He has been designing, training, and leading trauma-informed programming concerning the diversity, equity, and inclusion expected at liberal arts colleges.

Dr Matt Rushford

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