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Pamela ChampagnePamela Champagne
18:17 11 Oct 23
Dr. Julieta has helped my pain in ways that I cannot even explain. I have suffered from chronic stress related pain related to deep past trauma for years. She does not treat in the way one might expect a traditional chiropractic session,instead, she takes a holistic approach that was not painful, but more like...magic. Amazing.
Jerry LaFountainJerry LaFountain
13:57 31 Mar 23
I paid for a month of adjustments up front, as Dr. Matt requested. Dr. Matt spent a good amount of time talking to me about the benefits of his treatments. When I showed up for the first session, there were multiple other patients in the same room. I was not informed beforehand that this would be the case. This is how they do it -- they let you awkwardly discover this fact on your first visit. As a person who values privacy, it was a startling and disconcerting experience.
Katharine DelpKatharine Delp
16:14 01 Sep 22
Being a human who spends a lot of time walking and playing with dogs AND sitting in the car and on the computer; my back and neck are sometimes very unhappy. And when my back and neck aren’t feeling well, it is also accompanied by feeling irritable, anxious, and drained.I am SO thankful to have Dr. Julieta in my life to go to when my physical and emotional bodies need some TLC. I went into my last appointment uncomfortable with mid-back pain and feeling down and depleted, and I left feeling giggly and ready to have a dance party - not even an exaggeration! So when my body and brain need a boost, I always know Dr.Julieta is there for me. HIGHLY recommend having her in your life!
Joann EngelberthJoann Engelberth
19:29 03 Jun 22
I came to Julieta during a very difficult time in my life and I was struggling with chronic back pain. Julieta introduced to me to a powerful healing experience: the integration of releasing painful stuck emotions with aromatherapy which relieved my back pain, along with gentle touch to guide my nervous system to heal, itself! Julieta's gifts of compassion and genuine care along with her tools for self empowerment and self healing offer a powerful healing experience. I highly recommend her work!
Susan Leigh BabcockSusan Leigh Babcock
15:20 02 Jun 22
I just moved to Vermont and found this wonderful practice through a referral. I want to wholeheartedly recommend them — while making sure I did them the service of describing what makes their work so indescribable. (That makes sense, I promise!)What Matt and Julieta Rushford do in their practice is next-generation care. Most people go to a practitioner, especially an "alternative" one, because they've given up hope around a condition they have: pain, illness, crisis. I found a lot of non-allopathic modalities that way myself.So, having availed myself of "care" like the Rushford family modalities for almost 25 years, I speak from my personal perspective when I say they deliver among the most effective and immediate experiences of healing and liberation I've ever had.Surely, I've had pain that I wanted to just go away; but I now see pain as an indication of something more existential in my life that is calling for attention and support. And without addressing that deeper issue, the original pain — or a fresh one, physical, emotional, or situational —will reappear to get your attention.That's what's unique about this type of work. You heal, you grow. You become more balanced and renewed, every day in every way. Your pain becomes something to relate to, work with, support — not push away like a bad child.I am particularly impressed with Julieta's weaving of essential oils into the powerful energetic modalities she employs. It's some serious magic.I feel released to a constant ease and joy in my life that is more sustained than ever. Thank you, Julieta!
Alix LindenbaumAlix Lindenbaum
20:08 25 Mar 22
Dr. Julieta is a healer in the highest and most beautiful capacity. Foremost, she has a mastery of knowledge over her field and can pinpoint exactly which vertebra or vertebrae need work upon feeling or even looking at your spine. She is also super intuitive. I always leave her office feeling amazing-- my body AND mind have both undergone extremely positive transformations from her work. There is definitely a subtlety to her adjustment technique, but in my opinion this is one of the things that makes it so magical. Simply put, there is no other chiropractor I would trust with my spine.
Carolyn RidpathCarolyn Ridpath
13:56 21 Jan 22
I love Dr. Julieta. With a few very subtle touches. painful issues are resolved. I found her methods infinitely more successful than other forms of chiropractic. Between herniated discs, fusions, and vertebrae pressing on nerves, I found i t wonderful to be relatively pain free.
Lindsay CoullLindsay Coull
10:25 19 Aug 21
I recently started seeing Dr. Julieta for general tension and stress and WOW. I’ve had lots of chiropractic care through the years but she has done things with me that no one ever has - things that are getting my entire body back into alignment. I can MOVE now and I had no idea how restricted that had been. This is an incredibly gentle yet powerful type of chiropractic care that I’d recommend to anyone especially people who are weary of the standard adjusting. I am so grateful to be working with such an intuitive, skilled provider! Thanks, Julieta!!!
Cassandra KatsiaficasCassandra Katsiaficas
16:59 09 Aug 21
I highly recommend working with Julieta! Doing an intensive with her has been profoundly transformative and restorative for me. The way she blends chiropractic skill with emotional and energetic support, essential oils and affirmations along with her compassionate and reassuring presence is pure magic. I feel less pain and more centered after working with her. Ongoing work with her is great too: gentle yet precise and effective. I love working with Julieta!
Katherine BoucherKatherine Boucher
21:19 12 Feb 21
I absolutely love working with Julieta. I have had network chiropractic since I was in the womb and her care is superior. Every appointment is different, which I really like, and I always feel clear when I walk out. She is unbelievably intuitive and works with your spine but also works with you on an emotional level. I feel better than I ever have. In terms of COVID, she is very safe - everyone wears a mask, only one appointment at a time, and she sanitizes in between patients. If you're looking for a holistic chiropractor, look no further!! I cannot say enough great things about this practice.
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