I just had a wonderful chat with film producer and old friend Camilla Rockwell.  She has recently produced a film called Mother Nature’s Child, which looks really fantastic and much needed at this juncture of our society.  Mother Nature’s Child is about how being outside, in nature affects the development and learning of our children.  Just a few short years ago, kids (like me) grew up spending most of their free time outside, often in some natural environment- parks, woods, fields, etc.  I grew up in the second largest city in Vermont (Rutland) and even I spent a lot of time in these environments.  Today, kids spend little time outdoors and have little familiarity with the ways of the natural world.  You can check out Camilla’s film at http://www.mothernaturesmovie.com/

The philosophy of chiropractic has a definitive perspective on this issue.  In fact, the very definition of chiropractic, as stated in Stevenson’s Textbook dated 1929, begins with the words, “the philosophy, art, and science of things natural…”.  Chiropractic has, at its core, a fundamental respect for the intrinsic power of the natural world, and in particular, the potential of that power within living beings like us.  We call it Innate Intelligence, and the basic paradigm of Place-Based learning is founded upon the principle that humans are born with the biological expectation of Place: the millions of sensory cues that emanate from the environment in which we evolved.  Isolation from those cues retards the normal developmental processes of our body, our mind and our spirit.

In chiropractic, our goal is to align the physical body in such a way as to allow the Innate Intelligence- the Healer Within, the power of Nature within us- to express itself fully in each and every patient, each and every day.  We chiropractors are tree huggers, and so are many of our patients.

So check out Camilla’s wonderful film, and make sure you get outside today.  And when you come back inside, make a trip to the chiropractors to keep your body all natural- from the inside out!

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