Trauma Informed Holistic Care

Holistic Chiropractic Work

     Offers a modern approach to healing. The old model of separating the body and the mind is not consistent with the new science. Practitioners are finally realizing what we have known for over 3 decades: the body stores tension and trauma in the nervous system and through our focus, intentional, gentle, spinal healing modality we can help the client release these patterns of stress so they can experience the ease and peace they have been searching for.

     So many people have been trying to create a change in their mind by only using their mind, but unless the physiological patterns of tension change in the body, the person may continue to hold on to the same story of pain, neglect, abuse, etc. Over the years we have helped people free themselves from traumatic life experiences they had buried deep in their subconscious mind. When we identify the stress in the spine and associated tissues the person recognizes that they are still holding on to a painful life event, whether it was a fall, an accident, a divorce, a loss of a loved one. These life experiences can be overwhelming to the nervous system and if the person does not developed enough resiliency chances are that the tension is still there.  

Why see a Trauma Informed, Holistic Chiropractor?

If what you read above speaks to you, and you believe you’ve experienced trauma that is stored up in your body, affecting the way you think, work, and operate, then I can help you open new doors, physically and emotionally. It has taken the better part of my 30 year career to reach this pinnacle of study, where I can finally and officially recognize, that the level of personal empathy and trauma informed care that I provide my patients is truly unique. 


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