Holistic Nervous System Healing Programs

NOW is the time for YOU

The stress and trauma of life can leave you feeling:

  • Like “that pain” will never go away.
  • Vulnerable and in need of creating protective shields so you don’t get hurt again.
  • Tension in your body and your mind that is always nagging and so draining!
  • Stuffing down your authentic self, not having a Voice.

How can you open up to love when you are holding your authentic Self back?

How can you be present with your family when there is underlying fear and anguish that is keeping you from being in the moment?

Unspoken stresses are stored in the tissues of your body. This affects not only your relationships, but your health, career, and finances too.

Nervous System Regulation

     At one point or another, I practice a little energy work and added nervous system healing with each of my clients because they tell me it works. Each of my healing programs is a natural progression of the previous one. These programs provide an opportunity for us to dive in deeper, on a one on one basis, to explore, motivate, and direct your natural healing journey. Results are measured through your physical reaction, and emotional center.

These Nervous System Healing programs are for those who have:

  • Tried years of therapy and still feel the stress, anxiety, and pain.
  • Put themselves aside for too long and are hungry for a comprehensive dose of self-care.
  • Reached the place where “something has to change”. You can no longer continue on
    the path you have been and are ready for a major course correction towards ease and
    peace in your body, mind, and spirit.
  • Experienced a significant loss or trauma and are seeking a release from that burden.
These programs are:
   ✅ Individualized
   ✅ Trauma Informed
   ✅ Customized care to support 
        you in your unique journey.
These programs are not: 
   ❌ Talk therapy
   ❌ Fixing
   ❌ Group coaching

I’m Julieta Rushford, at Rushford Family Chiropractic I am your Network Chiropractor. If you’ve seen me for any amount of time, you know that visiting my practice is a very different experience. One of the reasons is because, when we have a little extra time together, I like to sprinkle in a bit of what I have learned over the years to help you heal, if you are in need. My use of essential oils, crystals, touch, and speech, are no accident – I’ve spent my entire life devoted to creating healing pathways for people of all walks of life. Those that find my work deeply fulfilling are focused on their inner healing. They know that the barrier to their physical healing, lies deeper within. With a trauma informed approach, I offer these additional holistic healing programs that help us create the space needed, to continue this important sprinkle of healing.

NOW is the time for YOU

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