Energy Work in Burlington, VT

Energy Work Helps Access Your Full Potential

     Dr. Julieta believes passionately that each and every one of us holds an innate power within ourselves to provide the physical and emotional healing we need. The thing is, most people don’t know how to (or aren’t willing to) take the time to learn to connect this deeply within. Dr. Julieta’s Energy Work helps establish the pathways needed to relax, and connect deeply within your inner self. 

     After experiencing Dr. Julieta’s Network Chiropractic treatment, you may better understand how energy work helps to relax, and relieve the stress of the body. Julieta uses her intuitive nature, and extensive training, to tap into your body’s energy field; sensing imbalances, clearing blocks, and restoring vitality. While laying there, you feel the tension melt away from your body, one area at a time, as deeper levels of relaxation and renewed vitality set in.

     By tapping into these deeper levels of relaxation Dr. Julieta enables your body to respond quicker and more thoroughly to the healing process. Paired with Aromatherapy, the intent is to train you to relax your body, access your intentions, and reset your course. While not a substitute for a medical diagnosis, receiving Energy Work can help your mind and body heal physically and emotionally, making it a welcome complement to conventional care.

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