Aromatherapy Course

Aromatherapy Releases Emotional Patterns

     When receiving “aromatherapy,” are you receiving a personalized session or, just the oils? There is a big difference… 

     In this 90 minute one-on-one session Dr. Julieta begins with energy work that tunes up your nervous system to clear the physical and energetic static. She then uses Essential Connections to address both the body and mind, helping you to clear emotions that prevent you from being your true, authentic self. Working with therapeutic grade, pure essential oils, Dr. Julieta incorporates personal affirmations that refocus your attention on desired thoughts and emotions. In the end, she coaches you on how to apply these self care tactics, in every day life. 

     Clients consistently report that the challenging emotions they were previously feeling, have been weeded out of their system, and replaced with more ease. This is just one of the reasons why aromatherapy works so well when combined with Network Chiropractic work.

Aromatherapy Retrains Your BodyMind

     I was skeptical when I first heard about Aromatherapy.  But, I kept an open mind and tried it anyway.  Once I felt the shift within me I simply had to understand what had happened. How did smelling an essential oil, rubbing it on a specific energy point and saying an affirmation create such a noticeable change in my bodymind? I felt so calm and relaxed! This simple, yet powerful work has now helped hundreds of my clients with astounding results. Aromatherapy offers a natural healing approach that continues to amaze me.  Would you like to find out which essential oil is the right one for you and why?

7 Steps for Self-Regulation & Resiliency Using Essential Oils and Affirmations:

  1. A key emotion is determined from a list of over 350 options. The person is given a specific essential oil to inhale and apply topically.
  2. Focus with intention what you are replacing the old emotional story with.
  3. Use a specific affirmation to help the brain create new neural pathways.
  4. Inhale the essential oil that is right for you.
  5. Apply the oil precisely in an energetic point in the body to unblock tension.
  6. Repeat daily.
  7. Remain open to the unfolding of internal wisdom.

The Power of Aromatherapy

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