“The first step in the solution to our health care crisis is not political or fiscal. It involves a grass roots decision to resolutely dissolve the marriage of medicine and health, and to make a new commitment to an ever-deepening relationship between ourselves and the innate capacity within each of us to heal, grow and thrive…” Born Broken is a groundbreaking work that exposes the unspoken paradigm of a health care system that is built around a flawed and narrow view of the human body and living systems. 

     From pregnancy and childbirth to barefoot running and sprained ankles, Dr. Matt Rushford takes us on a fascinating journey across time and deep within our bodies to uncover hidden wisdom, ancient misconceptions, and a newly evolving approach to health and health care that is based on a recognition and alliance with the amazing power of the body to heal. 

     Dr. Matt Rushford draws from his 25 years of experience as a family and pediatric chiropractor and 15 years as an instructor of anatomy & physiology and uses his unique wit and insight to give readers a fresh perspective on their own bodies and the miraculous intelligence that we so easily take for granted. 

Born Broken explores: 

  • The limitations of western allopathic medicine in the maintenance and enhancement of health.
  • The multidimensional nature of wellness and the need for a multidimensional approach to wellbeing.

The hidden wisdom of our bodies with respect to:

  • Pregnancy
  • Birth
  • Being “sick” with fever, diarrhea, inflammation of “Expendable” body parts like the appendix, tonsils, and foreskin.

     Fastidiously documented with scientific data, Born Broken is a course correction in the runaway world of Pathologization- reframing the normal as abnormal- as an inevitable by-product of the shotgun marriage of medicine and health care. Entertaining, enlightening and empowering, it will change the way you see your body and your life.