Backpack Safety

Tips for School Backpack Safety

When considering the right school bag for your child, we recommend the following considerations:

  • Consider investing in a high quality, two-strap backpack from a store like LL Bean, EMS, or Burton, with a strong warranty/return policy.
  • Get the proper size pack for your child: remember: high and tight, small and light: the bag should go from 2 inches below the top of the shoulders to no more than 2 inches below the waist.
  • A sternum strap is recommended; a waist strap is helpful.
  • Bag should always be carried on BOTH shoulders.
  • Child should carry no more than 10-15% of their body weight (see chart below). We recommend closer to 10%.
  • Parents: empty the bag every Sunday to look for unnecessary items.
  • Weigh the bag once a week to check for proper weight.
  • Check the child before he or she leaves for school for proper wearing of pack.
  • Check your child’s shoulder and head levels. If you think the child may be developing imbalances, have them checked by a family chiropractor.

What is your child’s Safe Backpack Weight?

Child’s Weight (lbs)               Backpack Weight (lbs)

60                                                   6-9

70                                                   7-10.5

80                                                   8-12

90                                                   9-13.5

100                                                 10-15

110                                                 11-16.5

120                                                 12-18

130                                                 13-19.5

140                                                 14-21

150                                                 15-22.5

160                                                 16-24

170                                                 17-25.5