About Rushford Family Chiropractic in South Burlington, Vermont

Drs. Matt & Julieta Rushford

Devoted to serving our community with compassion and healing, for more than 30 years.

At Rushford Family Chiropractic in South Burlington, Vermont our service is focused on you, our patient. Sure other Doctors might say this but, we’re here to SEE YOU for who you are, to assist you in clearing your nervous system from what’s hold you back. Our adjustments last about :15 minutes, and you leave walking on clouds.

We practice a light touch Network Chiropractic technique that is highly effective for all ages. Through our Trauma Informed Network Spinal Analysis we release tension along your spine that affects all areas and functions of the body, leaving you in a state of bliss. Over time, you might even learn to practice some of these adjustments on your own which is highly encouraged. Dr. Julieta also utilizes Essential Oils and Energy Work to take your chiropractic adjustment to new levels, and depths; while Dr. Matt focuses on kids chiropractic and prenatal & postpartum chiropractic care.

We invite you to schedule a consultation, to see if Rushford Family Chiropractic is right for you! 

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