Healing for Every Stage of Life

     Rushford Family Chiropractic offers comprehensive natural health care featuring Network Spinal Care. Our intimate, “small town doctor” environment provides patients with unequaled personal attention. Adults can enjoy the peaceful, serene healing environment of Dr. Julieta’s sanctuary, and Dr. Matt provides a safe and fun place for families, children and expectant mothers to enhance their health and optimize their potential. We have been serving the greater Burlington area since 1994.

Gentle and Effective

At Rushford Family Chiropractic, we utilize gentle, specific adjusting techniques that generate consistent improvements in health without forceful or painful adjusting.

Network Spinal Care

Network Spinal Care is all about you: empowering you to develop powerful strategies for adapting to stress in new and sophisticated ways, making you more adaptable to whatever challenges life throws you.

Release Stored Tension

At Rushford Chiropractic, the doctor and practice member are a team. Working together, we can help you to release tension stored in your body, even that OLD tension that has “always” been there.

Specialized care during and after pregnancy

Chiropractic care helps support a healthy pregnancy and safe delivery for both mom and baby.

A Family Affair

Chiropractic care is safe and effective for the whole family. Early preventive care supports the immune system as well as optimal growth and development. Kids love getting adjusted!

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