Test 2

Around 12 weeks into my pregnancy I started to see Dr Rushford, based on a recommendation from a friend. I have received chiropractic on and off for many years but it had always been the more forceful “cracking” type of adjustments which usually left me sore for a day or so afterwards. I thought this was just par for the course and that my body needed to “work through the discomfort” of an adjustment to come out more comfortable on the other end. After one such adjustment with another chiropractor during my early pregnancy, I left feeling that my body had been forcefully manipulated and that it was going against the nature of what was growing inside of me. After my first experience with Dr. Rushford I came to understand that my body not only had the ability to heal itself but that I could have a transformative and pain-free chiropractic experience. I honestly believe that the work I have done consistently with Dr. Rushford throughout my pregnancy has provided me not only with a comfortable and pain-free existence, but has really allowed me to tap into the nuances of my changing body on a deeper level. As a Doula and massage therapist who works primarily with women in pregnancy, I understand how uncomfortable and unhappy some women can be. Not only in the physical but in the emotional body of pregnancy. Our emotional health and connected nervous system are so deeply related to our physical well-being, which can only translate to our experience in giving birth. I cannot imagine how different of an experience my pregnancy would be had I not been given the ability to work through the tension and discomfort that my body had been holding onto. I am so grateful to Dr. Rushford and truly look forward to giving birth. I know that my body and spirit are tended to and prepared for this next transition in my life!

Amanda YoungShanti Mama Wellness