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Rushford Chiropractic Scholarship Program

In 2000, as RFC moved into our first Dorset Street location, we designed a system to provide lower income patients the opportunity to have access to high quality chiropractic care in our community.  We called it the “Chiropractic Scholarship Program” and it was inspired by our original Mission Statement, which included a commitment to service to the community.  That was 12 years ago.  Since then, our concept has been “cloned” by other chiropractors and has even crossed over to the medical realm.  It is being successfully employed in offices throughout New England, and here at RFC, we have a waiting list of patients who have applied for our Chiropractic Scholarship.

In the last 12 years, Rushford Family Chiropractic has donated over $50,000 in free health care services to low income families in Chittenden County.

It is our hope that more practitioners “clone” our program and devote a small percentage of their resources towards services to the community.  It will help make safe, effective, proactive health care that much more accessible to every possible person in our community.  We are all each other’s responsibility.

Applications for the Rushford Family Chiropractic Scholarship Program are available at the front desk.

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