Pregnancy and Postpartum Care


What are some of the benefits of chiropractic care during pregnancy?

  • Improved functioning of the nervous system helps both the mother and the developing fetus
  • Proper alignment of the pelvis supports the growing uterus and allows maximum room for the baby to grow
  • Proper positioning of the fetus for labor and delivery helps reduce the amount of pain the mother experiences during labor and allows for an easier birth
  • Lower back/pelvic pain due to the weight of the developing fetus can be reduced

Proactive Care Throughout Your Pregnancy

Our specialized training can help support a healthy pregnancy throughout this special time.

We use gentle aligning and releasing techniques, specifically designed to reduce uterine constraint and open pelvic dimensions. ?This means that mom is more comfortable and balanced in pregnancy and baby has the best chance to position herself properly for birth.

Plus, women love the chance to lay face down and be comfortable- especially in the last trimester!

Preparing for a Safe and Easy Birth

Getting ready for birth is more than just buying diapers and packing some bags. At RFC, we work with our pregnant patients to help dissipate the fear that many women have around the birth process, empowering you to tap into the vast resources that are available to you as a birthing woman. The physical work we do to open the spine, pelvis and uterus is combined with an educational program designed to help you understand, appreciate, and capitalize on the intrinsic wisdom of the birth process. We will give you real world skills that both the birthing woman as well as her partner can use to mechanically ease the birth process. And we are available to be on-call for any patient who wishes us to be present at any part of the birth process. We have special techniques that we can use to help premature labor, failure to dilate, failure of the baby to descend, lack of optimal position of the baby, breech presentations, and other labor complications.

Baby's First Adjustment

The International Chiropractic Pediatric Association recommends that baby and mother is checked by a chiropractor as soon as possible after birth. The birth process can be traumatic for both baby and mother (not to mention Dad!). Our technique is gentle enough to use safely on a newborn babe as well as a new mom- and can help to correct problems before they become longer standing patterns in the body. At RFC, if you are a patient, care during your new baby's first 30 days of life is on us- our baby shower gift to you!

Around 12 weeks into my pregnancy I started to see Dr Rushford, based on a recommendation from a friend. I have received chiropractic on and off for many years but it had always been the more forceful "cracking" type of adjustments which usually left me sore for a day or so afterwards. I thought this was just par for the course and that my body needed to "work through the discomfort" of an adjustment to come out more comfortable on the other end. After one such adjustment with another chiropractor during my early pregnancy, I left feeling that my body had been forcefully manipulated and that it was going against the nature of what was growing inside of me. After my first experience with Dr. Rushford I came to understand that my body not only had the ability to heal itself but that I could have a transformative and pain-free chiropractic experience. I honestly believe that the work I have done consistently with Dr. Rushford throughout my pregnancy has provided me not only with a comfortable and pain-free existence, but has really allowed me to tap into the nuances of my changing body on a deeper level. As a Doula and massage therapist who works primarily with women in pregnancy, I understand how uncomfortable and unhappy some women can be. Not only in the physical but in the emotional body of pregnancy. Our emotional health and connected nervous system are so deeply related to our physical well-being, which can only translate to our experience in giving birth. I cannot imagine how different of an experience my pregnancy would be had I not been given the ability to work through the tension and discomfort that my body had been holding onto. I am so grateful to Dr. Rushford and truly look forward to giving birth. I know that my body and spirit are tended to and prepared for this next transition in my life!

Amanda Young

Shanti Mama Wellness

"Regardless of how excited you feel, being pregnant with twins is an opportunity for everyone around you to fill you with their own fears.  Unfortunately, this fear can make such an amazing blessing feel much more like a curse.   Medical practitioners joked about us needing an automatic c-section before our first trimester was even complete and automatically labeled us as high risk… Not to mention the specific state law preventing home births with doulas and midwifes with twins.  This was not a very calming way to get ready to bring other beings into existence.

Although one might consider chiropractic care as a physical therapy- both Dr Matt and Julieta take it much further than that.
Dr Matt's Webster prenatal technique helped in ensuring our presenting baby (Root) was head down.  This was a key factor in us being able to deliver our children vaginally. In addition the special attention he gave to my pelvis and ligaments assisted in making a physically strenuous task as comfortable as possible.

The underlying message we received was that we are built over thousands of years to carry and deliver babies.  The fear of childbirth and the associated pain was described by Julieta as a natural force much like a volcano or tornado and that I could lay back and allow it to just move through me.

Dr. Matt and Julieta assisted myself and my husband to take a look at the situation and the crazy amounts of over-information in a more calming and balanced way.  They were supportive and provided ample resources as we developed our own birth preferences.
After our amazing and moving birth, Dr Matt joined us in the hospital and gave myself and our boys, Root & Brigham, their first chiropractic adjustment.  Brigham had come out feet first and his head was stuck for a moment.  Dr Matt's adjustment showed on Brighams face as it went from pain and discomfort to calm and relaxed.
I found the opportunity to be physically, mentally and spiritually centered incredibly important at one of the most important times in my life.
I highly recommend Dr Matt and Julieta for anyone experiencing stress- but during a pregnancy I found their therapies to be even more powerful and meaning to our entire family."
-Ashley W.

"Thanks to to Dr. Matt I feel great! At 32 weeks pregnant, I've never felt better. My whole body is comfortable, relaxed and enjoying these last weeks of pregnancy. Sleeping, walking and spending time with my family is so enjoyable now that the stress, pain and tension has left my body. Thanks, Rushford Family Chiropractic!"

-Dawn L.

"I am someone who has suffered with hip and leg problems since my mid twenties and I had always attributed this pain to my lower back".  At my 34 week appointment my hip and leg started to get bad. I tried to ignore the excruciating pain but it was becoming worse by the day. Eventually, I was unable to get up and use the bathroom, change myself, make food without assistance. The worst part was that I was unable to get up and play with my daughter.

At 39 weeks I was feeling deflated and defeated I broke down to my husband. I was in utter despair and what was even more discouraging was the baby's position was unfavorable for birth.

I found Rushford Family Chiropractic Center. I dialed their number and left a desperate message.

That day I received a call back with a kind and understanding voice on the other end. She introduced herself as Dr. Julieta Rushford and asked what I was feeling. A flood of emotion filled me and I told her my symptoms. She said that she could see me that day and made room for me. I wasn't sure what to expect but I had this sense that I was finally on the right path. She was my angel.

The Rushfords were the helping hand in a very dark room for me. My body became my prison and my bedroom became my cell. They reached in and helped me find the exit door out of the prison I was living in for so long.

The technique they used was so gentle. There was no popping and harsh movements - instead it was a light gentle touch and wonderful breathing.

Within 4 visits I was able to get up and walk with out assistance. By my sixth visit I was a new person. I am now able to do things for myself PAIN FREE!!!!!

If you are pregnant and going through some serious pain in your pelvic area, hips legs or anywhere else in your body. I am letting you know that you don't have live with it until the baby is born. In fact you shouldn't. It can be fixed and you can enjoy the rest of your pregnancy, it is possible!!!!!"


Jessica S.