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Highlights from Pregnancy & Pediatric conference

I just (barely) returned from a fantastic seminar on Chiropractic management of Pregnancy and Pediatrics.  I say “barely” because I had to drive through the beginning of this blizzard to get back home.  It was a bit sketchy to say the least!

The presenter was Dr. Steve Williams, who has too many letters after his name for me to list here.  Dr. Williams is a highly prominent expert in this field and author of a great clinical textbook on the subject.  It was a thrill to absorb his knowledge and pick his brain for any tidbits I can use to improve my skills in helping our pregnant and “munchkin” patients.  I learned so much and I am excited to integrate new skills and techniques into the practice.  Of particular interest was Dr. Williams’ clinical techniques for soft tissue balancing and fascial release to help balance the overall musculoskeletal system and improve nerve system function.  He reported on the most current research in the topics of pre-term labor, fetal malpositioning (like breech presentation), dystocia or stalled labor, and other important topics.   One particularly exciting element of the weekend was a workshop on how to teach birth partners to mechanically ease the birth process for their partners during labor.  I am very interested to integrate this kind of education into our practice, as it is so in alignment with our overall theme of empowerment and self-sufficiency.  More on my weekend in future posts.

It is GOOD to be back.  Now I’ve got to get back out to shovel more snow!

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