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Dr. Matt to speak at Burlington Yoga Conference

Dr. Matt Rushford will be delivering a special presentation at this year’s Burlington Yoga Conference on Sunday, May 1st at the Davis Center, UVM.  The title of the presentation is “The Anatomy of Tension”.  The following is a description:

In yoga we often confront physical blockages, resistance, and tension. Some yoga practices are based largely on this encounter. In this course, I will break down the physiological process by which we acquire tension and stress in the body, the relationship between emotional, psychic, spiritual, mental, and chemical stressors and the ultimate manifestation (or lack thereof) of stress in the body. Why do we tend to get stressed in certain areas? Why do men and women tend to accumulate tension in different areas? Do different kinds of stress manifest as different types of blockages in the body (spoiler alert: yes!)? And, perhaps most importantly, what is the physiological process by which awareness through yoga may help release these blockages? What is the relationship of asanas and pranayama to these considerations? This is an eye-opening journey into the depths of the body and mind and back again.

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