Doulas and Birth

At Rushford Family Chiropractic’s new pediatric and perinatal specialty satellite, we are pleased to be sharing space-and synergy- with one of Burlington’s best doula and childbirth education centers, Birth Journeys. For 20 years, I have been singing the praise of these wonderfully powerful birth assistants and encouraging our pregnant patients to enlist their support in their “birth journey” (pun intendedJ)

What is a doula, and why do you want one to help with your birth?

Birth Journeys explains:

Doulas continue to be recognized for the positive effects they have on laboring women, their partners and their babies. Births attended by doulas generally have a reduction in medical intervention and improved birth outcomes. 

 Having a doula:


  • cuts in half the odds of having an unnecessary cesarean
  • reduces the rate of forcep or vacuum-assisted delivery
  • shortens labor by reducing stress, discomfort & anxiety
  • reduces the use of pitocin
  • reduces requests for pain medication
  • increases positive feelings about the birthing experience

​It is now widely recognized that adding a labor support person (doula) to your birth circle can yield many positive benefits. As childbirth educators, we know that knowledge is power and we help empower birthing families to make informed choices during their birth. 

Particularly if you are considering a hospital birth, you should consider bringing a doula onto your Optimal Birth team. For more information, talk to Dr. Matt or go to rushfordchiropractic.com/resources/

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