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Dr. Julieta sees adults at 1 Kennedy Drive Suite L6 in South Burlington:


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Email us: Dr. Matt or Dr. Julieta

Call Dr. Matt at 802-376-1022

Call Dr. Julieta at (802) 448-2056

Office Hours: Dr. Julieta: Monday/Wednesday mornings 8-12; Tuesday/Thursday evenings 3-6pm

Dr. Matt: Monday/Wednesday 2:30-5:30 pm; Monday/Friday 12-3; Tuesday/Thursday lunch hour 12-1pm

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  1. Matt…just saw the news article on your son….did you grow up on Summer Street in Montpelier? I grew up on Winter street and was a friend of Martha…

  2. Hello Juliet,
    My friend Karen Kennedy suggested I reach out to you to see if you had any on guard (doterra) oil on hand? If so I would to pick up a bottle from you. Can you let me know the price please? Thanks Ali Weeks

  3. Hello –

    I was wondering if you take Blue Cross Insurance, and if not what your office visits cost? I’m looking to switch to network chiropractic (from traditional chiropractic care).

  4. Hey Dr. Julieta,

    We are really looking forward to showing you Weave tomorrow at 11:30am ET. As I mentioned, I will call you a couple minutes beforehand to make sure everything is set up. We will do a screen share over the computer as we talk on the phone to answer any questions. The product specialist who will be helping us out is named Rob.

    The demo normally doesn’t go more than 30 minutes, and feel free to invite Dr. Matt if he is available and any other staff that you would like present.

    Thanks Dr. Julieta and we look forward to tomorrow! Feel free to reach out to me with any questions by call or text to 801-850-0861.

  5. Hi Juliet,
    This is Travis from eco bean and greens, I was hoping to get an appointment for my wife, but thought it may help if I gave you some information that could help speed up the process

  6. Hi Julieta,

    I am so grateful for the time and care you have extended to me over the last two weeks. At this point, I feel that I would like to give the spinal injection a chance and focus on my physical therapy. I believe that my pain, due to my herniated disc at L5S1 and associated impingement on my sciatic nerve, needs to be addressed before I can fully work on the kind of healing that you are discussing with me to improve my longterm health and wellbeing. It is difficult for me to relax enough on the table to feel benefits from the adjustments because my physical pain creates tension while laying down. I just think the timing is off for this kind of work with you. In some ways, my lack of full capacity to experience what you are offering makes me feel a bit worse coupled with the stress of trying to get there four days a week. I feel like I am running around like a chicken without a head and, I suppose right now, I choose mothering, working and PT as priorities in this particular moment. I sure you may hold a different perspective in terms of the chicken and egg relationship, so to speak. This all said, my question is, can I freeze my month of treatment such that I schedule the remaining two weeks at a later time when my pain is better… or can I transfer the treatment to a friend? Please let me know what you think. Again, thank you so much for all of your intuition and good care.

  7. Hola Julieta! It’s Rachel from the Schoolhouse days. I took a fall a bit more than a month ago and think I should seek treatment for my achy back. I like your method of chiropractic and am willing to travel into Burlington once a week for a bit if I can afford it. What is your fee nowadays? I have the time to make the trip to town because I am mostly a stay at home mom these days. Which brings me to me second question… can I bring my two year old daughter with me. She’s pretty well behaved. All my best!

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