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Chiropractor Needs an Adjustment

The other day I woke up with stiffness in my upper back.
Yes, I , too , have stress.
I went through my day unable to turn my head fully and feeling like something was “out” in my upper back.  I kept getting grumpier and grumpier, snapping at my family and feeling negative.  I finally asked Dr. Matt to adjust me.  I REALLY wanted him to crack something back there to make the discomfort go away.  I wanted him to fix it.  He took his last contact on me and said “You’re done”.  I actually felt upset at him for not moving the vertebra.  He explained lovingly that “…in a million years I would not move that bone right now”.  I know why he said it.  I am a chiropractor as well.  But, as a patient, I just wanted the immediate relief.  I huffed off the table.  It wasn’t until after 20min or so that I realized my range of motion was restored and my pain almost completely gone.
Through his adjustment, he reminded my body how to bring ease to the area on its own.
You may have had a similar experience at our office.
I just wanted to share, that as a chiropractor, I go through similar life experiences and am able to bring these lessons of understanding to my adjusting room.
You, are the Healer.  Chiropractors just help your body re-connect so it can do its Magic!

5 thoughts on “Chiropractor Needs an Adjustment

  1. Well said. It’s no fun being stuck. Grateful that you are both available to see the bigger picture with the healing process.

  2. I love it.I couldn’t lift my arm last week.And Dr Julietta adjusted my spine never touching the shoulder. Later that day, I noticed that I was using my arm again with ease.
    It’s a miracle!So Cool!

  3. Thank you! Well said! I don’t know what I would do without my weekly adjustments. Thank you for helping me to heal!

  4. Hi Julieta – Your story is reminiscent of my own experiences, when I just want to feel better: and I know that I’m in the middle of a transformative process. Being patient with one’s inner process is a drag at times. And listening to one’s “backers” and invoking their help can be tedious and challenging. So, We (my “backers”) salute you for your approach to your being.


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